ACCORDER Inc. Corporate Profile

Business Name ACCORDER Inc.
Representative Director Shinya Yamamoto
Started November 11, 1936
Established April 3, 1959
Capital 10,000,000 JPY
Headquarters 2-4-16 Uchihonmachi, Chuo-Ku. Osaka, Japan
TEL: +81 6-6937-9800 / FAX: +81 6-6937-9700
Offices Osaka

Management Philosophy


“To have gratitude for all things, it is necessary to tackle”


To contribute to our customers development with an enduring design and media creation.


Customers Come First
For us, the most important value is to reach the expectations and understand the needs of our customers. As we are grateful to them for having chosen us among the wide selection of companies and trusting us with their projects.

Never Forget Aspirations
Aspirations are an inherent aspect with which we are born, they lead us to major achievements. For that reason it is of great significance to the company the fact that we are able to reach them.

Ethics and Dignity
Continue to strive for establishing enduring trustworthy relations, with all our partners, with ethics and dignity.

Contribution to Society
Having noticed all the benefits society has brought to our company, we decided to take the first step with social contribution trough our business activities.

Business Description

  • Advertisement Planning
  • Printed Materials
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • System Development
  • Other Business Material

Corporate History

1936 Meiji Adachi, the founder, established Adachi Seisakusho in Shin-Ohashi, Shenzhen-ku, Tokyo.
1938 Company moved to Adachi-ku Senjumidori-cho, Tokyo.
1952 Accorder devised an utility model patent application for a copy machine (it was allowed in 1956).
1953 It is reorganized as a corporation and was renamed as Nihon Kirokushi.
1955 Nihon Kirokushi mainly focused on recording paper sales. With the growth, an independent company was developed to aim continuous sales.
1959 Company registration trasferred to Osaka and opened the headquarters.
1960 Nagoya office opened in Naka-ku, Aichi Prefecture and Nihon Kirokushi transfered the marketing right to the Kansai east District, as it changed from a traditional to a regional sales company system.
1968 Company name changed from Nihon Kirokushi to Nihon Kirokushi Hanbai (Tokyo headquarters) and Accorder Business Co., Ltd.
1971 The Nagoya branch office moved to Tokyo.
1997 In addition to conventional printing services, a design room was opened for the purpose of content creation.
2005 Awarded with the SELECT10 prize for the "IRAZ Envelope" at the Osaka Marketing Collection of the B to B Division. The "IRAZ Envelope" patent was obtained.
2006 Gain privacy mark certification and the Head Office moved to Osaka City. Awarded with the SELECT10 prize for the "IRAZ Envelope" in the B to C Division.
2008 Company name changed from Accorder Business Co., Ltd. to ACCORDER Inc.
2017 Opening of a photography studio inside the company.

Access Map

2-4-16 Uchihonmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 540-0026
TEL: +81 6-6937-9800  FAX: +81 6-6937-9700
About a 5-min walk from Subway Tanimachi Line Tanimachi 4-Chome Station, Exit 4.
About a 5-min walk from Subway Chuo Line / Sakaisuji Line Sakaisuji-Honmachi Station, Exit 1.

About our logo


Our logo is formed by various strokes with different lengths and thickness that overlap and support each other forming an "a", which state our personality of "joining forces" in order to complete our goals, and a red corner which represents the "passion" with which we work that leads us to greater accomplishments.

In order to renew our image, we've redesigned our logo as well as our name without disturbing with the company's image and still being able to transmit our 50 years of history to the future generations.


Privacy Mark
The website management company appears in TDB corporate search.


Feel free to contact us for any concern.
We will be pleased to assist you.

About the company's name

A C C O R D E R ・・・ is a coined word.
In English, I ACCORD = harmony.
People who work together = ACCORDER.

Even though it is a nonexistent word in English, it has a meaningful connotation, for that reason we decided to put it as the company's name.

It is our mission to build a harmonious relationship with all our customers and let them know we are on the same team. We aim to advertise your company in the most successful way, in order to build a name recognition for your company.

= Person who harmonizes your company and target.

To be able to name a company, it has to have a story behind, and ours has a really meaningful one.

Our founding happened nearly 80 years ago in November 11, 1936.
At the time, no one seemed to know what a copy machine was, but our founder Meiji Adachi was ahead of his time, being the inventor of the patent of the original copy machines (Accorder Copier).
Naming it was another challenge, giving the fact that everything was made by handwrite, finally using his family name he called it "Adachi Type Recorder", but for our founder this name was not good enough.

After his daughter got tired of his indecision, she asked him,
"Why instead of naming it Adachi(family name) or Recorder(the invented device), why don’t you join them and name it ACCORDER?"
This is how this word became the name of the company as well as our brand.
Still now that half a century has passed, the brand keeps on having a huge impact, making the employees proud, and perhaps our founder would be pleased to see his branding has worked all along.

Company Motto: Be Grateful
Accorder's Design Space
Accorder's Design Space
Accorder's Office Space
Accorder's 80th Anniversary
Accorder's Office Space
Accorder Inc. Office Building
Accorder copier
Nihon Kirokushi Co.,Ltd. in 1940's
Branch office in 1950's