Other advertising media

Cross-Media Promotion

Nowadays people are bombarded with huge waves of information every day and everywhere, for that matter consumers tend to cut off the information they think it has "nothing to do with them".

Cross media promotion is enabled as a mean for building engagement with your brand and contact with people. It delivers information by combining multiple media, such as TV Commercials, Websites, Apps for Smartphones, Newspaper and Magazine Advertising, to give a higher degree of freedom and increasing the contact opportunities between the consumer and the company regardless of their location.

With the spread of social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, the future is increasingly extending the range of expression.

For this matter ACCORDER brings rich content offering the best promotions and branding for our clients' companies.

Web Book

Responding to various devices such as PC, Smartphone, the WebBook is an intuitive experience, which contributes to cost reductions and operational efficient sales and marketing.
It enables the view of the logs people had made, a feature that catalogs and PDFs cannot provide, making it a valuable tool for taking marketing ahead.

Smartphone application development (iPhone, Android)

Now that smartphone penetration continues to grow, the possibility to build contact can be achieved by carrying out an effective promotion in many smartphone apps.
While completely analysing the target we are able to design and develop the interface for an application that would be attractive and easy to use.

AR (Augmented Reality) advertisement

With the increasing usage of smartphones, this type of advertisement has attracted numerous attention, given the fact that it makes the promotion interactive and much more interesting for the user, becoming a great tool for advertisement.
We are able to develop this tool depending on the purpose of the campaign and its application.

Magazine advertisement

Depending on the suggestion of the medium in consideration of a characteristic(readers or taste) and the space for the design, we can offer a proposal that will take the brand image of the company to a more effective approach. Based on past experiences, results, suggestion and depending on a budget, we are able to offer the best advertisement for each requirement.

Outdoor advertising

Going from large billboards, clinics, store signs, transit advertising, etc. our rich experience allows us to bring the best proposal for each business, including the choice of the venue, negotiations, contacts, and business formalities.
We offer an attractive advertising design depending on the client's brand image and request.


We will combine and select our vision considering the location and time of day, along with the selection and proposal of the target clients and products.
To generate the best video production, we are open to different suggestions that will helps us reach an effective promotion.


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