Express with a picture

Sight accounts for approximately 83% in the ratio of perception within the human senses. People assimilate most of the information visually, along with getting engaged in visual emotions.

"Photograph" is the best material that can communicate quickly and accurately a message without using words.

What and how do you want to communicate with your target?
What kind of impression you want to give?

Depending on how the picture is taken, the impact changes, as well as the product image and brand image can be more accurate and effective when communicating a message. In addition to utilizing shooting technology and processing technology to finish the photograph.

In Accorder we are always equipped with the latest technology and committed to bring the best material in order to achieve the finest results.

Model shooting

Model shooting is one of the most effective means in performing the branding. From arranging the casting to find the appropriate model to hiring stylists, hair, makeup and studio, we will be happy to help you on the entire shooting.

Product Shooting

When buying from websites, e-commerce sites, and product catalogs, a photograph can be conclusive evidence of an effective purchase.
For that instance we offer photographs with the perfect lighting to convey the texture and characteristics of the product in a better way, so the consumers accomplish their willingness to buy.

Snap shooting

Company profile, website, poster, etc. "people" and "place" we provide this service depending on the application.
In our communication filed technology is included, of course, but we are constantly looking for a more natural shooting. We take every shoot suiting different taste to reach every requirement.

Additional Photography

We offer a wide range of photo shootings going from people, goods, sports, to architecture and landscape photography.
According to the arrangement of the composition and color, the impression and message will notably vary. For that instance we offer a photography that can effectively communicate the message according to its application.


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Apparel Brand Shooting

Apparel Brand Shooting